Thomas Art Wall


What about creating a piece of art together? „Thomas Albert Hotel” in cooperation with the art atelier “Planeta Moldova” invites you to participate in the Street Art project: Thomas ARTWALL
Thomas ARTWALL because:





  • Discovering the Moldovan pottery tradition is FUN
  • You participate in the process of art creation
  • It is an unforgettable experience
  • It is  a team-building activity with JOY
  • You socialize during this master class in a relaxed atmosphere
How we combine Pottery and Street Art?






  • We build teams of 2-6 participants
  • Meeting point is the ART atelier „Planeta Moldova“ (here you have also a wide range of Moldovan souvenirs)
  • The local artist guides you during the 3 hours master class in creation of personally designed ceramic plate.
  • The artisan at  „Planeta Moldova“ dries and fires it with a glaze during 3 weeks.
  • E voila it can be installed on the Thomas ARTWALL
Free access anytime?




Because it is Street Art, the acees to the Thomas ARTWALL is granted anytime for:

  • Selfie 🙂
  • Contemplation
  • Collective photos
How do I participate?






Write us at

or Call us at

  • +373 22 902090
  • + 373 78 902020

See you soon!


Packages and prices

Package Duo 

Participants: 1-2 persons

Price: on request

Package „Family and Friends“

Participants: 3-4 persons

price: on request

Package „Team-building“

Participants: 5-6 persons

Price: on request

Have you decided what to do tonight or this week-end?

Let`s meet at Thomas ARTWALL Master class!

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